Sunday, 29 May 2016

A Saturday afternoon in London

Yes, off we go to meet up for a late Birthday lunch ( Diana's) with Hamish and Melba. I ride the bike to Tooley St with my brand new GPS. I scatter pedestrians as I navigate thru shared walkways at Borough Markets. I get to one end of Tooley Street. It is one way against me because of roadworks.  But there is a cycle way. l look at it.  A man in a fluoro jacket stops me No way Jose! I go round the block and end up outside the Shard !  I try again. The man in the jacket again is not going to let me thru. I am only 500 metres from the restaurant and stymied. OK - some boldness is required here. I wait until the man in the fluoro jacket looks the other way. I rev up and go barrelling full speed down the very narrow cycleway. The man in the fluoro  jacket looks up startled and sees a 500kg motorbike coming straight at him. He jumps out of the way. He has too!  He makes a threatening gesture. I wave back. Good luck with noting down my NZ number plates mate ! We are at the restaurant.  



A very nice lunch. In fact superb.  Then I realise that Tower Bridge is just around the corner. I ride onto it. Lights flash, a gate closes in the middle of the bridge and lo the bridge opens  up for a boat.  




And here is Tower Bridge  in action 


And the Towe of London itself 


Then after a U turn in the middle of Tower Bridge ( very satisfying!) it is  back to Greenwich and the bike gets all packed up. It is a big day tomorrow as I think we will go on a ride to Cape Town. And Diana gets on tomorrow so it is back to " 2 up " fully laden riding. 



  1. Happy Birthday, Diana. We are going to follow you from wherever we are are you trek to Cape Town. Be safe, have fun and know we love you guys.

  2. Happy birthday Diana ��
    FYI Dick - your photos are not loading on either phone or computer.