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The land of the maple leaf

But firstly London
. We get the Redhead’s front shock absorber replaced at the BMW service centre at Battersea in Central London. Then it is a ride out to Air Canada freight depot at Heathrow. As every airline in the world has a freight depot at Heathrow finding the Air. Canada freight depot was an “interesting” challenge ! 
Actually Air Canada have an interesting deal. If you travel on the same flight as the bike they will airfreight the bike from London to Montreal for just 750 pounds. ( about Nz$1400 ). That is very cheap ! 
So the Redhead is handed over at Heathrow 

And hey presto afrw days later it is in Montreal 

Then we are ready to get going again towards West Coast USA. We did think about crossing Canada to Vancouver but this little weather forecast clarified our thinking a little. Winnipeg is on the trans Canada highway. 

The weather forecast shows a ginormous polar blast heading down into the mid west and Rockies. So we are going to head down into the orange bit 

We find ourselves…
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London at last. '!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this can surely only be London -

But again lets go back a bit to San Sebastián. Here is a sign on San Sebastian beach that had me amused. . I spent 15 minutes memorising  what I was allowed to do and not do. Them - oh dear - I suddenly farted !  I quickly looked at the sign again to see if that was allowed or not allowed. And it was not even  covered by the list of permitted or non permitted activities !

. We then have a nice short100km ride from San Sebastián to Le Mont St Michel - the iconic abbey that is almost immortalised as a symbol of la belle France. And it is breathtaking 

And inside is fascination to see all the layers of development over about 1000 years 

Glad I don’t have to ride a motorcycle up these streets 

 In the castle they have giant wooden wheels near the top. They used to put prisoners inside the big wooden wheels ( the island was a prison for about 60 years ) to make the wheels turn and thus lift loads up into the castle. If you think your current work is a bit of…

The North coast of Spain

But firstly you have to like this - says it all really 

Anyway back to Santiago de Compostela. We visit the famous cathedral where lots and lots and lots of happy walkers are gathered in the courtyard 

Regal buildings 

As we head East  there are Camino walkers everywhere 

And the Camino trail itself 

We stay at a town on the Camino trail 

Then w head to Bilbao - home of the famous Guggenheim museum. It does not disappoint. Stunning architecture that is impossible to capture on camera. 

So having had our shot of culture we do a short hop down the road to San Sebastián where there is a shot of culture of a different kind 

It is quite incongruous to see determined Camino walkers with their packs and walking sticks walking at a determined pace on the promenade next to all the topless sunbathers on the beach who are - dare I say it - “ basqueing “ in the sun !  
And to finish off on that note from the ladt  post where I talked about “ The rain in Spain staying mainly on the plain “ Well as per belo…

Head west young - old - young man !

It’s time to leave Gibraltar with it’s cacophony of English voices and head to the most westerly point of the whole of Europe. And of course we were so close to Africa 

But first we have to now get to Portugal. A click of the fingers and there it is -

And then we enter the Algarve 

With tens of thousands of British tourists stranded there as a result of the Thomas Cook travel collapse in the UK this is not a happy place 
There is some useful signage on the road of how to ride a motorbike. Note to self - must practice riding on the front wheel only when following a car 

We stay at Faro on the Algarve - a forgettable town with a forgettable hotel.
Then next day it is on through Lisbon and out to Cabo del Roca - the most westerly point in Europe. The little rock  there is the most westerly tip of the tip of Europe 

And the  Cape  itself

And there are lots of self congratulations  as this is the most westerly point of Europe and therefore the most West   from Vladivostok in Russia. We have now cr…