Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Out into the desert

Today we head out to the desert town of Kashin. The reason for going there is of course so that I can  "Cash in " some US money into local Rials. Anyway we take a nice trip down lovely roads and I deviate from the chosen path to avoid going through the holy city of Qom 

We manage to find our hotel which is a " traditional house " of Kashin made of compacted earth and grass such as you can only do in a rainless climate 


We navigate the tiny lanes 


And settle into our special hotel. 


Getting the bike in and out was an interesting  exercise indeed 



It did fit through !



The architecture and buildings structure  was interesting and you could see tourists photographing it ! 


We dine under the stars eating traditional Iranian food in a courtyard 


Another eye opening day in Iran.

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