Wednesday, 24 August 2016

On the turquoise coast

 Given the hotness of the afternoons we have  back our daily mileage a little and go for about 300 km today so that we get to our hotel by about 2pm. And it certainly did get hotter. In one town where I pulled up for traffic lights the temperature read 39.5 deg C which is hot! We started off in the  morning at a balmy and cool 25 deg but it rapidly got to the average 37 deg mark. When you are moving on the bike it is not too uncomfortable in the heat but you notice when you stop. 

We by pass the city of Izmir which us the third biggest city in Turkey. This is close enough thanks. 


And we pass the turn off to Ephesus ( which is also known by its abbreviated name of Efes. That is also the name of the most popular beer in Turkey. I am flabbergasted that the Romans named the city of Ephesus after their favourite beer! They were a sophisticated race. 


We stop for breaks every 100 km because of the heat and some of the roadside cafes are lovely and friendly. Here is a " preening station" for the ladies 



The landscape looks like something out of the American Wild West 


Just before the hotel we catch up on theses two " Adonisis's" on their bikes. Are they Roman or Greek Gods ?  They obviously think they are immortal anyway 


And we arevery hot when get to our hotel. It has a swimming pool - yahoo ! And a windmill ! 


Might I also say the roads are in Turkey are generally superb with a large amount of dual  carriageways. 

It occurred to me that a large number of the Syrian refugees must have crossed the same coastal road we are following. The Greek Islands are tantalising close and we can easily see them in the distance. There are no signs of refugees ( yet!) but we have seen several instances of police road blocks and checks of vehicles going the other way. Sobering stuff !

Tomorrow - a very short day to Kas and a bit of a rest in a resort hotel. 

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