Friday, 26 August 2016

And we continue a East

Suitably refreshed from our indulgent stop over in Kas we head down to to the town of Alanya for an overnight stop at a hotel almost full of Scandanavians !  . As we head down we pass close to the Greek Island of Rhodes and lots of other Greek Islands off the coast. They are so tantalising close!  We continue wind our way round the coast th our next stop which is the city of Mersin. That is very close to where St Paul was born. 


With the odd rural scene 


We see bananas being being  grown everywhere. 


And we think this is a refuge camp behind this sentry box. Certainly there was lots of barbed wire , sentry posts and black out screen so you could not see anything from the road.  


The road was a mixture of the old.........


And the new..........


And the yet to be finished 


There were lots of produce stalls on the side of the road 


And it is obviously and important fruit and vegetable area 


And over two days we get to the city of Mersin. 


We are very close to Cyprus and I suspect that without the heat haze you would be able to see it from our hotel roof. 


 According to my maps we are just 200 km from the Syria border by road - less in a straight line me thinks! That is close enough thanks! It is all bought into sharp focus when there is an airport type luggage screener at our  hotel entrance. We heard the othe day that Turkey has now invaded a Syrian border town. Here we are lounging  at the poolside this afternoon at our hotel and there is a war going on just 200 km away ! It is hard to get your head around.

Tomorrow we veer away from border area and head up to the cave dwellings of Cappadocia which is towards the centre of Turkey 

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  1. Dick and Di,
    Thanks for bringing the world to us via your Blogs. Such a beautiful world, such beautiful friends. Keep the rubber side down and stay safe. Our love from Florida.