Saturday, 13 August 2016

And we are away again

Yes, we are on the road again and it is a nice feeling. The new shock absorber is working fine and has less work to do than the last one because my wallet is now considerably lighter !  Ah well, sigh, it is only money I guess ! 

So we pack up, have a final breakfast with Melba's family, speeches are made, kisses and hugs are exchanged  and it is time for the final farewells. 


And we say goodbye to the Adriatic part of the Meditterrean 


We hit the motorway to Zagreb and beyond heading East 


We do 450 km along the motorway system. Being a long national holiday weekend in Croatia there are virtually no trucks on the road. We see signs turning off for places such as Banja  Luka in Serbia where all sorts of nasty things happened in the 1990's war. We see signs to well known places such as Belgrade, Budapest etc. We come within metres of the Bosnia border but do not cross it. I do not know how it works but this sign says Bosnia. 


Then we come to the Serbia border which is is the Danube. At the Croatia side of the river border the border guard asks for our passports and then wants to see the bike papers. They happen to be well buried in one of the side panniers.The  border guard does not speak English so I have to gesticulate. After several minutes impasse as I do not want to have to get off the bike he changes his mind and waves us on and through. 

Now It occurred to me I like this kind of guy - the sort of chappie  that wants documentation but when it proves slightly hard to get decides he does not really want it after all!  Imagine if the same worked for passports. " It is buried in my bag officer!"  " Well that's OK sir - just go on through ". The world could well be a different place if all border officials - or all officials for that matter- took this enlightened and flexible approach. 

So we are now in Serbia 


And going back in time a little. 


This could be an oil painting.    Photo courtesy of the woman on the back of the bike! 


Nice towns


" Here comes the bride"


And thus we arrive at Subitica in Serbia and just south of the border with Hungary. 

We dial  up the Olympic results. Whew, just left Croatia in the very nick of time. Mahe  Drysdale has just won gold by beating the Croatia rower by the closest margin in Olympic history!  Fractions of fractions of a second! It would have been very interesting watching it at our hosts house in Croatia! 

It was a good day today. 600 km in 8 hours. Lovely 20 to 22 degree temperatures. Which is perfect for riding. Nice scenery. Purring bike. Yes, the birds are singing and life is good on the road. 

Tomorrow we cross into Hungary and then, before we get thirsty as well, we cross into Romania and head towards the fabled Transylvania. 

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  1. I was wondering whether your wallet would need a shock absorber, too.