Friday, 26 August 2016

A little bit of indulgence today

Today was a short day if about 200km and we hit the road early to escape the worst of the afternoon heat. Thus we arrived at the very pretty fishing town or village of Kas. The trip winding down the coast wth the colour of the sea was amazing. Little bays everywhere. 


And in inland places there were huge  areas of " glasshouses" 


The sea just got bluer and bluer 

And the flowers brighter and brighter 


A morning tea break at a typical roadside place 


And then to finish off the sensory load was our hotel for the night - paradise 


The view from our balcony 


We spend the afternoon swimming,lazing,  swimming,  having a beer, having a late lunch,swimming, lazing, swimming  again - do you get the picture 

I call a trip planning meeting as the sun goes down . First item on the agenda was - woops I forgot. I have got it now , PiƱa  Colada or Daquirie ? 


Diana does her share of thinking 


The setting  sun rolls down the side of the hill


So it's a quiet  dinner for two - here's to the  the rigours of the road ! 


And thus refreshed we rolled out of Kas the next morning very happy campers. Well for the first half kilometre. Then Diana has an absolutely brilliant idea. Her best of the trip. " Let's go back and get our passports that we have accidentally left at the hotel " she says. Now you can't argue with that logic. 
That was a close call! 

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