Tuesday, 5 July 2016

We push yet further North

The title sounds melodramatic doesn't it!  We can hardly be called explorers when there are also thousands of camper vans on the road. Here is a resting place for them - there were100's just in this little town


As we move north one cannot be amazed by the number of road tunnels. Even small hills get their own tunnel! 


In New Zealand it would either be a cutting or the road would go over it.  There were very new looking tunnels 


And tunnels still being built 


 As we left the tunnel area I felt there was an unspoken question coming from the back 

                                                                     "Today,will there be rain dear?"

             The answer of course                   "Yes, today there will be rein deer!"

And lo and behold there was 



They must be on a zero hours contract and thus out of seasonal work at the moment ! I wanted to get my own camera out to get a photo but was not sleigh enough of hand! 

We are now into the land of the indigenous people - the Sami. It is hard to say whether the wigwams are traditional, are a result of the Sami being global adapters or are non Sami tourist traps 


Ken Wilson, here is a special "north of Arctic Circle " Lollipop lady for you 


We stop at the town of Alta for the night. Alta is virtually 70 degrees North so well north of the Arctic circle. At the Antarctic circle itself there is nothing but snow and ice and not a single living plant. At this latitude in Alaska we would now  be down to treeless tundra and would be almost at Prudoe Bay. Permafrost would have been a problem for the last 100O km north.  But in Alta they still make hay in summer on small farms, there is no permafrost  and there are respectable sized small trees and green plants and flowers everywhere. It is all due of course to the warm Gulf Stream. Apparently global warming could well stop the Gulf Stream in which case this coastal part of Norway will be plunged into severe cold like inland from here in Sweden and Finland and Russia and of course  the Americas. 

Tomorrow it is Nordkapp  day. Well it was going to be. With a forecast of heavy rain all day, low cloud and a strong  and cold North wind the Hubbards are staying put for the day and resting up in a nice hotel. "Rigidly flexible " with our plans - that is the name of the game on these sort of trips. 


And no Queenstown on the sign! 

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