Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Made it! Made it ! Made it!

Yes sirree, today the Hubbards made it to Nordkapp ! 

But first let's back the bus up a little. In the last blog I ruminated and cogitated about the difference in temperature etc between the Arctic circle and the Antarctic circle. Today It dawned on me the reason for this big difference is quite simple - the two circles are poles apart.

Now back to the road. We drive up through  more desolate areas with distinctly shorter trees. There were quite a few Sami communities.  Yes, they farm reindeer and also they make and live in tepees (and houses!).



We start to get close to Nordkapp. Anticipation builds 


Fish drying racks dot the coast 


Getting closer 


Fog comes and goes. Tunnels come and go


Then the fog lifts and, and, and ....... there it is!


So we are there 


Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you the most northern lady in Europe (at least the main part of Europe - for anyone who has "Pedanticitis" ! 


We are at the top of high cliffs 


So instead of collecting a stone  from the foreshore I take one from the top of the cliffs. This little pebble is going to go into my tank bag on the bike and it is going to be deposited on the beach  at the southern most point near Cape Town (South Africa) or at Bluff ( New Zealand) depending on which route we take. Travel well little stone thru' deserts, cites, towns,  tropical forests, sandstorms, muddy tracks and super highways.  and 35 different countries . I also pick a stone up for our dear friend Ken Wilson who, with me four years ago, transferred a stone from Prudoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia in Patagonia. 


Then we look a the GPS. Going further north is clearly not an option ! . 


Thus the bike gets ceremoniously turned round through 180 degrees and pointed south   South I say!  Diana, will you follow me ? 


And south it is

It is a strange feeling having the sun on ones face after 6 weeks of having it behind us  and of course that is the new norm. 

And after 200 km of south we arrive at our little cabin in the woods. It is a dog sledding base in winter.  It is lovely and rustic and very Norwegian. 


More about dogs and dog sledding tomorrow. 

Tomorrow we cross into Finland and tomorrow night we are staying in Santa Claus Holiday Park in Santa Claaus village right on the Arctic circle where Santa lives for most of the year. Before you cringe to much at this let me just say that the only reason that I have booked a cabin in this place is that each cabin has its own sauna. And a sauna , dear reader, would represent a nice "Finnish" to the day don't you agree? 

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  1. Sun on your faces until you get to the equator, and then on your backs again all the way to Capetown! :-)