Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Woops - we have been here before !

And as per the title of this blog so we had. At 12.15 pm on Wednesday  the 22nd the good Orlanda found herself on the same road we had been on 15 days earlier. The circumnavigation of Iceland was complete. 

But let's go back a bit. Last night was in the sleepy hamlet of Borgarfjordur- population several hundred. It was nice. The guesthouse had a big hot sauna tub right on the beach and a barrel sauna as well. It was heaven after a long days ride. 

The town was pretty. The photo below was taken on my "gentlemans walk" at just on midnight. 


Then this morning it was a trip to the penguin colony. I still can't believe we ate one of these delightful creatures for an entree about a week ago. 



Then from puffins it was a quick photo stop  in front of what is clearly an advertisement for weed eaters.....


Then the realities of the road hit as we go over the steep pass out of the fjord. So yesterday was bad?  Well during the night it rained and they had dumped more mud on the roadworks. Plus there was fog to contend with. The bikes slewed to the left, the bike slewed to the right, the front wheel went to the right, the back wheel went to the left. Then it was swapsy time!  And sometimes the bike actually went where it was supposed to go. However all through this the paint side stayed the right way up as they say in motor biking terms and we got safely over the pass without a spill. This is exactly why we have the BMW GSA type of motorbike that we have! 



Then back to civilisation tobpark the bike exactly where it was parked 15 days at our first stop when we got off the ferry.


Time for a clean I think.  


And I did not want a dirty old woman on the back of the bike so it is time for a clean up of the pillion passenger as well. She scrubs up pretty well I have to say and this was a lot cheaper way of doing things than forking out for a spa and a massage!  Must remember to also do this at home! 


There are standards you know! 

And thus suitably cleaned we went over the pass to the ferry port at Seydisfiodur. It is a high pass so there was plenty of snow on the sides of the road. 


And some foggy thinking .... 


And now we wait for the ferry tomorrow morning   

Words to sum up Iceland as we get ready to sail away. Gentle. Friendly. Hospitable people. Good roads. Not many people. Spectacular scenery. Wild. Ready to erupt again. Hot water. Land of waterfalls. Short trees. Great food. No visible policemen. Lots of fish. Worth visiting - yes! A cool place to visit - both literally and figuratively. And thus, dear reader,  that was Iceland. 

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  1. Love the photos and comments, Dick. Iceland looks like a remarkable place. I am very impressed with the 'wife' washing technique. I can't get Judy near the hose to wash the car so I doubt I would have much show doing that type of trick. Good travels for the rest of your trip. - Dave