Monday, 6 June 2016

" We are sailing. .............................."

And so we shortly board the good ship SS "Boaty McBoatiness", more properly known by the Faroese ( Faroese means "of the Faroe Islands" ) owners as MV Norrona. Here she comes to specially pick us up ! 


Soon it is time to board. We drive up to the check in. So far so good. 


Then cometh the problem - the very big problem !  I get told by the check in person that they have the booking for the two of us in the computer but not for the bike! So what do we do? We get sent to the ticket office about a block away. The blond, blue eyed Faroese girl at the ticket counter tells me the boat is absolutely full and she cannot give me a ticket for the bike.  Furthermore the boat is full for the return leg also. Oh hell, bother and damnation!  I keep my  cool and I do the full bells and whistles pleading trick including the fact that their on line booking form , being translated into English, was difficult to master. She looks at me, some cogs turn, , and then she makes about 5 different phone calls. Then she tells me the bad news is that she cannot issue a ticket for the bike but wait - the good news is that she can tell the booking gate to allow us to put the bike on anyway and sort out the extra payment once on board. Phew!!  So we are on. Let's sort out getting back to Denmark from Iceland later. And once I have ridden the bike on to the boat the tie down procedure is just like the Interislander ferry except we have 3 days of the North Sea to contend with rather than 3 hours across Cook Strait. 

Where is reverse gear when you need it most? 


"Tie me bike down sport " - 


So we are off to the Faroe Islands and thence to Iceland. All a bit of a close shave really. 

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