Tuesday, 7 June 2016

We are all at sea

We set sai from Denmark. . First up as we wander round our new home on the boat for three nights we see a young lady with a very small pet cage next to her. It seems about the right size cage  for a pet rat. I look closer to see she has a small animal on her lap that is not a rat 


We ask what it is. " It is my pet hedgehog" she says. She further explains that she collects hedgehogs and she had made a special trip to Germany from the Faroes to pick this one up. Because of the type of hedgehog it has stiff fur rather than bristles. She asks me if I want to stroke it. Given the position of the hedgehog on her body I politely decline  her kind invitation and also decide not to take her offer of a close up photo of the hedgehog. 

Several hours later we see her  with three young blond male admirers in tow. The power of attraction of a hedgehog ! I would have never have thought it! 

This morning  we pass through an oilfield. All of the oil platforms have their own names and I understand the oil platform you can see in the distance in the picture below is called "Derek" ! 


One full day at sea and then we wake up and we are at the Faroe Islands  for 6 hours.  The Faroes are " head office " for the ship and almost all the staff are Faroese. The town is a pretty little town with buildings with grass roofs. Must be hard work with the lawnmower. Or do you use a goat? Actually a goat on the roof would be appropriate as in the picture below this is the parliament building hence there are probably a bunch of old goats inside the building as well! 



And then there is the modern version of the Viking longboat. 


At 3pm we sail again. We sail down past the outer Faroe Islands with dramatic views of the mountains complete  with vestiges of snow.


 We go to the Simmer Dim restaurant that night for dinner. And lo and behold look at the feature wall of the restaurant 


And then out into the Atlantic for the run up to Iceland passing some spectacular mountain vistas of the Faroes as we leave 



Tomorrow morning. - Iceland!

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