Tuesday, 14 June 2016

We are aheadin' North

So the capital of Reyjkjvik is left behind 

But first a few observations on Reyjkjvik. It seems to be a gentle city. Polite traffic, polite people, a big emphasis on the Arts, and just a nice spirit to it. 
And so easy to get anywhere. I had to get a bolt replaced on my windscreen. I googled BMW motorbikes- Reyjkjvik. They were 800 metres from our hotel!  I went in and saw Eythor Orlygsson on the front desk. In no time he went out the back, found the right BMW screw, fixed it in, checked the other screws but would not accept any payment. Then he gave me a lot of useful advice on heading North. It left me with a warm glow about Iceland hospitality and going the extra mile (or  kilometre!) seems so typical here. 


Anyway  back to the road. We head North. It is foggy to start with but that is often the norm in the mornings here. We head out to the Snaefellsnes peninsular. Extinct volcanoes everywhere. And this is the land of Trolls, Elves and Goblins. We get to Olafsvik for the night. A fishing town with a big fish factory. Of course it has to be fish for dinner 

Thus refreshed we start today by heading to the ( again ) fishing port of Stykkisholmur 


And then on to a delightful gravel road for about 50km. Elizabeth who resideth in my GPS resists me mightily. I find out tonight she has been programmed to avoid gravel roads She is given a seen talking to and sorted out very quickly! And it is nice being in the back country again . 


A lot of the farms seem to have their own little churches


And this is where we are heading 


Quaint towns 


And our cabin for the "night" 


Note the use of the word "night " as a relative term. We are now about one degree south of theArctic circle. It is a week to the summer solstice. Therefore tonight the sunset is at 12.45 am  and sunrise is at 1.50 am. . In the intervening period there is just a nice soft light - the " gloaming" as I think they say in Scotland 

Tomorrow it is fjords galore as we go to the very Western tip of Iceland. And the weather forcast is for not a cloud in the sky ! Bring it on! 

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