Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Tunnels I have met

Another long day. It starts off by us taking the easy  route down the hill. Then at the bottom we checked where we went up yesterday.evening.  Yes, the signs could perhaps be interpreted that we were not supposed to go up this road. But, in defence of ourselves,  as our beloved Prime Minister of New Zealand would so succinctly and beautifully put it, it was "at the end of the day actually"


So it was a morning of tunnels. Quite boring!  In the first 100 km we did 68 km of it in tunnels. There is clearly a strong  underground movement here in Norway I said to myself. 


Included in our tunnel traipse was the longest tunnel in Europe at some 24km. Yes, it took a long time to go thru. The blue lights were sometimes replaced with coloured ones to relieve the monotony. 


Then " enough of tunnels " we said to ourselves. So we looked at the map and decided to take "the road less well travelled". Over the mountain pass rather than thru it. A note to Robert Frost.  The road " less well travelled " at least in Norway tends to be longer, narrower, higher and twistier but hey isn't that also true of life also! Anyway enough of the deep philosophical stuff. 

So it was along the side of the fjord. The road was a tad narrow in parts. 


 We wound our way up into the mountains 


We can't say "look mum- no hands!"


We are not the only oldies on the road


Then a nice drop of Nordic rain as we head for yet another mountain pass 


The odd sheep to watch out for. I am sure I would feel quite sheepish if I hit one !



And into the high alpine area 


And down a goriious set of hairpins into the hamlet of Geiranger 


And into Geiranger itself 


I certainly would not travel on this cruise line - you can see the smoke coming from the galley where the chef is obviously having a bad day with the steaks! 

And after a long 10 day again it was time for a good nights rest. It will be a shorter day tomorrow. Two ten hour days on these twisting roads takesit out on you.  And then on top of that one has the cumulative effect of sensory overload.  

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