Friday, 17 June 2016

There is always light at the end of the tunnel ......

And so there was......


Today was a long distance day by Iceland standards - about 400 km including about 50 km of gravel roads 

But first we wind in and out of the Western Fjords. We go along the coast of all of these fjords from left to right 


One has to watch out for sheep on the side of the road - there are no fences. Fortunately Icelandic sheep are very traffic aware - they seem to just graze placidly as cars and motorbikes approach and we have not had one run out in front of us yet yet yet yet ! 


And then up and over another mountain pass


Diana finds the motif on the back of the helmet useful as it tells her which motorbike to get on in the mornings. However there has not been much choice - there has been a decided lack of touring bikes on the road in Iceland 

The back of the  helmet also reminds her of the drivers name ! 


And now a lovely run along the isolated coast 



And then the turn off to a nice warm hotel for the night. Or should it be called a turn on?


Another good day on the road. Tomorrow it is off to Akureyri - the second biggest town in Iceland - population 18,000 ! 

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