Thursday, 2 June 2016

The land of Nielsens, Sorensens and Pedersens

Yes, that has to be Denmark. So we cross the border into Denmark


And immediately go for a coffee break in the delightful border town of Tonder. 


OK mate, you can come down off your pedestal now" 


And thus revived with our first ever cup of Danish coffee we head north to the historic town of Ribe. The term " historic" is a bit relative in these parts as all the towns are somewhat historic by NZ standards. However Ribe is apparently the oldest town in Denmark and goes back pre the year 1000. So Lonely Planet says so, like the Internet, it must be true"   Anyway it was very nice there. 


And one could be excused for thinking one was in England 


Complete with English style streets


We  end up for the day in the town of Struer  which is - to be nice as possible  - a very ordinary town.  

Now, as we drove - woops,  rode - up to Struer one could not help but notice the fragrant notes of honeysuckle and broom. However every so often - quite frequently in fact - ones nasal senses would be almost overcome with waves of the heavy  ammonical/nitrogenous smell of cow manure in an advanced state of decay. It was almost overwhelming in parts. So obviously the dairy industry here is making its contribution to greenhouse gas production. . However I am pleased to be able to report that the government of Denmark  is obviously taking the problem very seriously indeed for  every town, village and hamlet had a sign in it, complete with flashing light , that said - and I kid you not - "Din Fart". One can only deduce that the translation must be "Don't Fart". Being a public spirited sort of guy and a responsible sensitive new age tourist it goes without saying I will be watching very carefully what I eat tonight! 

So tomorrow we proceed ( how formal that sounds!) to to the town of Hirtshals at the tip of Denmark from where we catch the ferry to Iceland 

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