Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The day of the Troll

Today it was over the Trollstiggen- one of the iconic roads of Europe - and not just for motorcycles. We leave Geiranger and within two kilometres we claw our way up yet another impossible hillside. 

This must be a more up market cruise boat than yesterday's - the chef is clearly handling the steaks better. 


And the views we like being in an aeroplane 



Then down the other side and onto yet another ferry. 



Then the last mountain pass for the day and what a beauty ! Going down this one was the jewel in the Crown. Wow,wow,wow !!

It just cannot get any better than this. 


Do I see a problem coming up? 


And here comes the kitchen sink being towed up the hill! 


This sort of obstacle can create a problem when one is going round the corners on the bike at speed in the opposite direction. Road hog! 


That's better. Diana is now riding the bike  whilst I climbed up to get the photo ! The red colour on the front of the bike is from her bleeding fingernails! 


And I did scrape the pegs or the side stand from the bike on the road as we rounded one of the corners. In biking terms that is a sign of a bend well taken! 



And after that the rest of the day was rather tame as we wound our way along the side of the fjord to the biggish town of Molde  A shortish day after the biggies of the last two days 

We check into our hotel with lovely sea views. However Hurtigan Line obviously heard we were in town so they came and parked their boat so their passengers could see directly into our bedroom!  This is the view from our bedroom.   I am not being paranoid or anything. I could do however without the loud shipboard announcements saying that bingo is about to start in half an hour as I relive coming down the Trollstiggen pass. 

Tomorrow we head due north and out of the fjord country towards the Arctic circle. 

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