Monday, 27 June 2016

South to go North

So it is goodbye Iceland as we board the ferry. That does involve a long wait 


Some trips have been less successful than ours. The front of the bike was even in worse shape with broken forks. Needless to say the bike got pushed on the boat. Another chappie I spoke to was sans bike - he hit a big bird and came off as a result. His bike was being shipped back and he was hitching a ride with his son 


Fishing is big in Iceland and they have obviously used their sardine packing expertise in the loading of their boats. Bikes and cars are crammed in like sardines. In fact a sardine would have more room in a can I think. Hang on - I do not think Iceland has a sardines industry. There must be another theory so where. 


But we strap the bike down and then it is on the way. Bye bye Iceland. 



And back to Denmark with two nights on the boat. And the North Sea was like a mill pond all the way 

Then we have a night in Denmark and then catch the ferry to Norway. Some of the bikes in the queue were interesting to say the least. 



And we are in Norway heading North along lovely lakes and river valleys. All very verdant after the barrenness of Iceland. 


We end up for the night in the town of  Seljord ready to get into the famous fjords of Norway tomorrow 

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