Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Serious riding

It was back in the saddle for a long 300 km day which is a long distance  by Iceland standards. Plus we did not hit the road to after lunchtime as  I had some telephone meetings to attend to. And then we had over 100km of fairly hard going gravel - lots of loose gravel, sand , roadworks over a steep pass and a good stiff cross wind. If that was enough there were the washer boards  like I have not experienced since that outback of Australia. Note to s of - must check the fillings in my teeth when I get back! . All the juddering caused one bolt to fall out on the bark busters on the handlebars. No- bark busters are not an anti dog device - they are hand protectors on the handle bars of a motorbike 

And all glory to cable ties as these  was used to effect the running repair. A lot is made of the versatile nature and cure all properties of duct tape but I think cable ties are right up there too. The last three running repairs  have been with cable ties as opposed to none for duct tape. So the score is 3:0.!  Did a New Zealander invent cable ties? 

Anyway enough of meandering -  back to to the road. First stop was Asbyrgi where the canyon shape is supposed to be the footprint of the mystical Odin. Could not see it myself. However the information centre with information on more practical origins was very good. 


And then down the rough road to  Dettifoss ( "foss"   is waterfall in Icelandic )  which is the most powerful waterfall in Europe. It is in a canyon which is a ( very ) small version of Grand Canyon. 



No guard rails - no nothing!  


And here at the next pit stop is a substitute for the Orlanda ! 


Then it was the long ride to the hamlet of Borgarfjordur where there was a delightful spa on the foreshore. One more day to go in Iceland now 

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