Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Glaciers I have met

Today was glacier day as we rode round the Southern end of the massive ice cap  that covers a very sizeable chunk of Iceland. But firstly it was a stop at Glacier bay. This feeds off a glacier that is just along from a glacier that is the largest glacier in Europe. Without wishing to rain on their parade I guess they are not counting Greenland as part of Europe when they make this claim. 


The scenery was lovely with masses of wild Lupins on the roadside. By the way the red flash on the windscreen is to remind me to keep on the correct side of the road 


And then a side trip to the bottom of one of the smaller glaciers 


Followed by a run over huge big lava flows that are all too recent. We then arrive at our destination - a hotel just along from the  foot of the Skogafloss falls 



The day was finished with a very nice Icelandic  lamb steak for dinner!


Tomorrow - will be from glaciers to geysers ! 

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