Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Flattery gets you nowhere..........

Another drop dead gorgeous or eye candy day - take your pick. . 110km of gravel road , 40 km of sealed roads  and four mountain passes.   Let the photos speak for themselves today 


Fjord,  mountain pass, fjord, mountain pass, fjord, mountain pass, fjord  .........   Get the picture 



With waterfalls thrown in 


And the odd roadworks. Might is right !


A delightful village 


And a delightful coffee break 


And a chance to get all the dirt off the bike. I think they use Calcium Chloride and other anti freeze and pro sticky stuff on the roads so best to get it off before it all sticks and cakes hard 


Then the tunnel. Two thirds of the way thru the 6.5km  tunnel it unusually branches which I guess makes it a forking big tunnel ! 


Now here is the punchline  or should I say the deep and meangful philosophical point for the day.  Just at the tunnel entrance is a turn off to a no exit road that leads to the small town of Flateryi. "So what" you may well say. Well I just have to tell you - wait for it - that this just proves  the old adage that "Flateyri will get you nowhere "! 

And on that very happy and satisfied note I rode the bike into the town of Isafjordur where we stay for the night. I warn you now however that work has now commenced on the next terrible pun. Be warned ! 

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  1. Great punch line! Looks like you are having an amazing adventure