Saturday, 18 June 2016

And onwards to Akureyri

A nice easy run today of 200km on Highway No 1 ( aka " The Ring Road" ) to Akureyri. It is the second biggest town in Iceland with a population about that of Blenheim. It was showery so it was the case of dodge  the showers. . 


With lots of farming 


As we drove along I found I had a black spot on my left eye. Something inside my helmet. What was it? . I stopped on the side of the road  and removed my helmet. There on the inside of my left lens sitting there very happily was a bee. Like us I guessed  he was also making a bee line for Akureyri ! Anyway I felt is was important not to have a bee in my bonnet so I duly removed him from his position. 

Then the greyness of the sky was a little dispelled by this building as we entered town   Thank goodness I was wearing sunglasses although I must get the focus checked 


And Lo and behold in the main square we meet our friends Bruce and Caroline  from Twizel, New Zealand who are circling Iceland in the opposite direction to us. Yes, we did know our paths would cross here in Akureyri.  

Move fast forward a day. Today is the soccer match between Iceland and Hungary. There is a big screen in the town square. Half the town is there 


All dressed up in National colours


A goal to Iceland 



The game starts.   Iceland get a goal at 40 mins.  The score is 1:0 to Iceland. Fast forward to 88 minutes. Two minutes to go. Hungary attack. Iceland  score an own goal off the boot of one of their own players. . Score 1:1. Extra time. No change. And thus the match ends in a draw. But it was Iceland, Population  350,000 against Hungary, population about 40 million so pretty good show really. Reminds me of a small underdog country somewhere to the East of  Australia that consistently punches above its weight in Rugby! 


Another rest day here tomorrow and then on the final 3 day run back to the ferry to Denmark. 

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  1. Great Blog Dick. Your blogs and your photos are getting more lively now. I enjoy reading and seeing what Diana doesn't cover. Both blogs compliment each other's.