Wednesday, 15 June 2016

A day amongst days

Well,what a day!  Brilliant sunshine, brilliant scenery ,brilliant roads - a day out of the box. Not hot - about 11 deg C - but with the air clarity that comes from still cold air. And no wind ! So it was a case of hopping from fjord to fjord to fjord to fjord to fjord .....


With the odd guardian of the pass 


And snow never too far awayUntil we get as far as the road goes to the very Western tip of Iceland ( and by definition Europe ! ) 


Then a blast around the coast 


Time to slow down 


And then the real end of the road


Diana becomes momentarily the most Westerly woman in the whole of Europe as she stands on the cliff edge. Later this month she will be the most Northern woman in  Europe when  we get to Nordkapp. 

Here  is a question. Where would she have to be standing if she was the most Eastern standing woman in Europe? 

Then it is time to look at the Puffins at the Westerly tip. We apologise for eating one of their brethren at the hotel restaurant last night ! And I will swear I heard this little below fella all huffin' and puffin' !  



And them it is down to the little hamlet of Bildudalur for a stay in a hostel for the night 


I walked up a little hill opposite the town to take this photo -



  1. What an amazing Photo.
    The most easterly position would be in Russia

  2. Stunning picture. Amazing how the light reflects, as if from glass ... and how you managed to to project your signature onto the sea at the bottom right I'll never know.