Saturday, 11 June 2016

A Capital tale !

Yes, we are in Reyjkjvik and having a nice two day stop over. It is a delightful city, about the size of Dunedin I am guessing. Nice and easy to walk around, a lovely old downtown and port area, friendly and helpful folk everywhere. Everywhere is clean as.  We wandered around and visited the big church on the hill. Magnificent modern minimalist Lutheran architecture -


And in the foyer a very poignant sculpture of Peter the fisherman


And the city from the top of the Church spire 


Some interesting sights on the street. Not busking, just singing 


And some interesting menu options at the restaurants - 


A chappie next to us at the restaurant the other night was tucking into a big plate of horse meat! 

There was a colour fun run on today where the participants got doused in coloured powder as they ran past. 


And of course the street names here  are "interesting ". You can imagine what Elizabeth who liveth in my GPS would do with this. I suspect my GPS might burn out!  Some are a lot harder than this. How do you pronounce "ff " for instance?  And I now know a "p" is pronounced "th". 


Finally, just a whimsical note. Just along the street  from our very  nice little hotel  is the world's only Phallological museum. In it are are ( according to the sign on the window) 350 pickled, preserved or dried "appendages". Every mammal plus some in Iceland is represented there. . "Did I go in to have a look ?  If I did I wouldn't tell you anyway! 

And we are now refreshed,relaxed and ready tomorrow  to head up to the remote West fjord area with its isolated bays and settlements - the real traditional Iceland they say. 

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