Saturday, 28 May 2016

London ,,,,,,,,,

Well, the Hubbards have arrived in London. All London rejoices!  And we are ensconced at Hamish and Melbas place. 

Next morning - still jet lagged and a little foggy it is across London on that  ubiquitous "Mind the gap" London transport system  to the freight Cpmpany near Heathrow. And there in the warehouse is a parcel with my name on it 



Let's play unwrap the parcel 



And lo and behold look what is here - 



So let ust see if we can put it together 



Thanks team at TransGlobal for all your help 

But wait, there is a problem. The GPS does not work! Oh! Oh, Oh ! And now I have to ride right across London navigating by the sun, the stars and the maps on the iPhone. Eck!!!!!!!   So with a certain amount of trepidation off we go. Oh, that is Harrods I have just gone past. Think if I turn right here I go then Sloane Square  and from there across the river. Tiffanys, Prada - that must be Sloane Square! Somewhere near Battersea is a BMW motorcycle service centre. 5pm on Friday afternoon. Sweating profusely I rock up and explain the problem. I see the mechanics all heading out the door and off to home !  I talk to Simon. "Can't help till Tuesday next week " he says "Monday is a bank holiday " he helpfully adds. After some discussion Simon goes away and then says " bring it at 9am tomorrow morning and I will see what I can do". Love you heaps Simon!  

So next morning we are outside the gates at 8am



On the dot of 9am the gates open. In we go and I wait. And wait. At 12pm a mechanic gets to my bike. At 1.30 two faults have been found. The GPS unit itself is dead. On reflection must have been the 3-4 hours of country music I loaded on to it that killed it 4 hours of John Denver is clearly too much for the Garmin electronics.  Anyone the problem is solved with some repairs to the fault in the holding cradle and a new unit ( sans the  country music this time ). Note to self - next time just download "Rule Brittania" ! Thanks Mathew of BMW Park Lane for some great service Yahoo, we are off with a functioning GPS. Into the central London traffic we go. We are away and cooking with gas !

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