Saturday, 21 May 2016

Getting ready

So it was time to get ready. And to think about riding the bike up from Queenstown to Auckland   We went to the Interislander terminal. Woops - the Cook Straight ferry seems to have shrunk and we are still in Queenstown. Oh well, we will try the Earnslaugh instead.  So it was on the good  SS Earnslaugh in Queenstown ( riding up the plank was interesting !). Then off at Walter Peak  station ( sheep station - not railway station!) and a nice ride the high country road past Mavora Lakes and thus to the very bottom end of New Zealand 


Aha, the sign at Bluff is helpful. That is where London ( and the start ) is 


So then a quick  visit to the  Burt Munroe museam in Invercargill ( to keep our overseas credibility up ) 


Perhaps the BMW might be more comfortable  tho .......

And then back to Queenstown to start the packing 

And that folds up and packs up to this 


Woops , forgot the most important part. !!


Then come 7am on a cold morning in early April and we are off to Auckland for the bedding down run. 750 km this day up the West Coast of the South Island. To test ourselves, luggage, packing etc etc 


And a nice ride up the West Coast 


And thence to Auckland to Wellington to see our good friend Ken Wilson and then up to Auckland  to park the bike up for 6 weeks to be ready for airfreight to London.  

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