Friday, 7 December 2012


No,we are not talking about age here. We are talking about the latitude below the roaring forties and just as mariners feared these winds so do or should the motorcyclists in Tierra del Fuego. It seems as if these southern global winds that circumnavigate the globe at the 50's latitudes do not slow down at all for the little bit of land that juts into the southern ocean and culminates at Cape Horn,

Radioman checks the wind

So into the cross winds we rode as we headed down to the ferry crossing of the narrowest part of the Magellan straits. It was hard work leaning the bike sideways into the strong gusts. It was a nice relief to get to the ferry and find that in spite of high winds it was still operating.

So across to Tierra del Fuego it was and down the road to a nice warm and welcoming hotel at the town of Cerro Sombrero.

The last of a total of 19 border crossings!

Then dawned " the day ", the final day and the ride into Ushuaia. Just a matter of one final border crossing back into Argentina and suddenly in early afternoon the GPS showed 99 km to Ushuaia! It was indeed a strange feeling after 39,000 odd kilometers to see that there was less than 100 kilometers to go and we would be there

In case we forget!

Almost,almost almost there!

What happening next? Well that has to be a chapter in itself does it not!

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