Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Well today was a day of extremes. Extreme boredom and extreme worry. Let me explain dear reader

Today was the day the bikes came ashore to be cleared by customs. This is how it is done and how Mella arrived in style being ridden across the harbour. Again let the following photo sequence do the talking -




Nice day for a ride

Three , two , one

Heave !

Heave !!!!!!!

And welcome to Cartagena


If the photos are a little blurred it was because the hands were shaking. And of course there was a similar sequence ( if not worse) when the bike was lowered over the ships rail into the Zodiac ! It is what is called arriving in South America in style or with flair!

Then customs, bless their considerate souls , must have decided we looked stressed so they promptly made us sit in their customs reception area for 6 hours until the paperwork was done and the clearances obtained. How thoughtful indeed of them to give us a chance to chill out!

Six hours of waiting

Then insurance was obtained ( note insurance is obtained only AFTER the bikes arrive by Zodiac ! ). A quick jaunt thru the streets of Cartagena to the hotel and we are now ready to roll.

Which room SeƱor?

O.K., outside by the pool then !

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