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Well today we rode the devils backbone or the Comb of God depending on which map you looked at. Either way it was a great day in the saddle. We left Mazatlan just on dawn to miss some of the oppressive heat and soon we were heading into the highlands with lush tropical rainforest at the lower levels .


For 200 km the road twisted and twisted and twisted some more as it seemingly tried to throw us off it's back. Oh dear, aren't I waxing eloquent. But it was that sort of day .

Soon all the twists will be gone with this road now being built

As we got higher and higher the forests all changed to the temperate variety and by the time we got to the top of the highest point we were at 9000 ft above sea level. That is quite a climb straight up from sea level

On the way we crossed the Tropic of Cancer but something did not feel right about it. Now work that one out and the answer will be revealed in the next blogpost .

And today whilst still in the lowlands I found another way of combating the heat. I found a new vent in the front of my riding trousers. Yes , you have probably guessed the nature of this vent dear reader and the blast of cooler air right there in that particular spot was, shall we say, " delicioso". Note to self. Just before a falloff remember to do up this new zip vent quickly !

Fields of wild flowers approaching Durango

Then in mid afternoon it was into the quaint town of Durango. They used to shoot American wild west movies there in the early days and John Wayne was often seen in town The town is also a huge mining center and they have a little mine right in the middle of town. It was a mine of information !

The hotel was a delightfully ancient stone building again with a internal courtyard for parking the bikes. I am now getting quite used to driving my bike through hotel lobbies. Note again to self. Must try to do this in New Zealand when I get back. Perhaps I could even take the bike up to inside our apartment !

Coming -




We were too quick off the mark today. We decided on an early start and got ready to leave at 7 am. Woods, a problem. It was pitch dark outside. Yesterday we changed to Mountain Central time and dawn just started to break at 7.30 am. After the delayed start it was straight into a rising southeast sun which made riding somewhat difficult

Then we crossed the Tropic of Cancer. Again ! Then the Peso dropped! We crossed it going south in the ferry, north yesterday on the way to Durango and again heading South today. If we cross it tomorrow I will be a worried chappie!

We stopped for breakfast at a town called Sombrerete. Around the sides of the central town square were local gentlemen, all wearing sombreros ( as you would do I guess in Sombrerete !). They were all lounging against various walls and I had a feeling of being watched with interest whilst at the same time no interest was being showed if you follow my drift. It was like being at O.K. Corral with out the OK bit. I was waiting for one of them to spit some tobacco, pull out some six shooters and have a little shootup !

Then just to finish it all off the army suddenly arrived in the form of a truck with about 20 soldiers all armed to the teeth and two big manned machine guns facing the front. I looked to see if there's we're any bullet ho,es in the stonework. There were none and that was reassuring. Nevertheless I suddenly was quite keen to get on the road again

Now it is Zacatecas. I have to pinch myself that I am not somewhere in s
Ancient Spain. It is beautiful and just like a old European city complete with lovely stone buildings and a Cathedral that is awesome in its grandeur All the streets are cobbled ( which is interesting to day the least on a motorbike !)

The whole town has a joyous feel to it. There are locals dressed up in medieval costumes and there is street theatre. The temperature is perfect and the sky is clear. I could stay here very easily. Thank you Aaron from Hubbards for suggesting we come here !

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