Tuesday, 21 August 2012


DAY. 49. TORREY TO KAIBAB.         545 km

The first theme of the day was. " Oh Dear ". This was caused by deer coming out of the bushes and crossing the road or threatening to cross the road in front of the bike. Not a good look !

Then we came around a corner and there was a pickup truck with two chaps on camouflage gear standing on the tray. The truck was moving slowly down the road and they were scanning the bushes on the side of the road. They had bows and a quiver of arrows each As I passed I Dort of half waited for the sensation of an arrow piercing the gap between my shoulder blades. Then I realized that it was not my problem. I had Diana on the back shielding me! She is a good wife!

From there it was a trip down thru Escalante and then down to Bryce National Park. Another glorious Park. In fact I think Bryce might be the pick of the bunch for all the parks we have visited

From Bryce it was on to Zion National park which can only be accessed by shuttle buses. Given the narrowness of the chasm this is understandable as the area would just be swamped if the RV's and cars were allowed in.

Beauty of almost biblical proportions!

As we emerged from the park we looked up to see a ginormous thunderstorm approaching. The sky over Zion was as blackas the ace of spades and there was thunder and lightening. We beat a hasty retreat although not without bein rains on heavily. Then a simple navigation blunder by yours truly saw us having to do a long 180km ride into the early evening instead of a gentle 70 km one. To compound the problem we were riding up into the heights of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We arrived at Kaibab Lodge just short of the Grand Canyon just as dusk was turning into night. It was a very cold last half hour on the bikes. It had also inadvertently been a 12 hour day.

DAY. 50. KAIBAB TO LAS VEGAS.              430km

A day of extreme contrasts. First it was down to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The North Rim has only 5% of the visitors of South Rim. Because it is higher than the south rim it has heavy snow in winter and is therefore closed for the winter 5 months

Regardless of all the photos the Grand Canyon still takes your breath away and to stand on the rim is a very special feeling

On leaving North Rim I encountered a problem. It was women problems that was resolved by an untimely death. Now that I have your attention let me explain !

Diana and I are linked by a Bluetooth communication device with speakers in our helmets so we can talk to each other as we travel. Also connected to this system is my GPS. Inside my GPS lives the lovely Karen who gives me route instruction. The problem is that when Karen comes thru with my turning instructions she has priority over Diana and cuts her off in midstream to say something. I should add that since I bought my GPS in New Zealand and it came out of Australia to add insult to i jury Karen has a characteristic strong and forceful Australian voice.

Well Diana complained about Karen cutting her off so abruptly and rudely and I realized I had a problem women problem!

Would you believe that no more than 2 hours after Diana complained about Karens behavior we found ourselves belting down the Interstate highway to Las Vegas at the slightly scary speed of 125 km per hour. As we came down a hill I felt a light touch on my leg. I was puzzled as I had never felt this before. Then 5 minutes later the shock hit me. Karen was gone ! Where the GPS should have been on the handlebars was an empty bracket with no GPS in it. The slight brush on my leg was Karen leaving my bike at extremely great velocity. I am afraid to say Karen is dead and now lying on a motorway verge somewhere on the way to Las Vegas. May she rest in "pieces" !

Anyway In Las Vegas I have found a new GPS. The new resident in the GPS has been called "Liz" because of her beautifully modulated English tones. I fear however she will interrupt as much as Karen. And I can't afford to lose two women!

To finish off this sad day we rode into Las Vegas in 41 degree heat. Our route took us down the famous "Strip". Never in my wildest dreams didI I imagine that Dick and Diana Hubbard would be riding two up Ina motorcycle right down the Strip in Las Vegas. Life does take strange turns


What a contrast from the places we have been to ! What an you say about Las Vegas other than it is surreal!

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