Sunday, 10 June 2012

Chapter 5

                                                       CHAPTER  5

A number of people have asked me for details of the route we are to follow.  Well, here is the "North to Alaska" bitty.  We will probably do a side diversion to Anchorage or at least Denali National Park as well. Remember that this map of our route is interactive - you can blow it up with the keys on the side to see the details of the route.  Such technology !

 Last night we used googlemaps to zoom in on a view of the 'hotel" at Coldfoot  in Alaska. As we zoomed in on the picturecam of the petrol bowser outside the hotel would you believe there was a yellow BMW GS parked in front of the bowser there that wasa the same as my one, albeit it that it was very muddy.  However a good sign me thinks.

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Ken from Wellington sent through some interestiong advice on how to deal with bears on our trip through Canada and Alaska. It seems as if there are three things you should do to protect yourself from bears if you go out into the woods.  Firstly you should carry a little bell and ring it reasonably loudly. Secondly you should carry a can of pepper spray. Thirdly you should learn to distinguish between the faeces of a brown bear and a grizzly bear. The faeces of a brown bear are apparenntly small, round and slighly shiny. The faeces of a grizzly bear however are  easily identified and characterised by containing bits of broken bell in them and having a peppery smell ! This was seen on the internet - it must be true!

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  1. Enjoy your last few days in peaceful, bearfree, comfort before the big adventure. Hope you've got space in the bike bags for plenty of muesli of the right brand. Travel safely! Julie and Roy