Thursday, 21 June 2012

Chapter 7

                             CHAPTER 7

Well, it is now 24 hours to we head off to Alaska. Last minute preparations are all in a flurry. The next blog entry should be from Canada

I have now got my riding gear all sorted out. I wanted a New Zealand theme that overseas people could relate to that also recognised my great age ( and also great wisdom !) So I will go forth to the Americas as "Dick the Grey" in true Lord of the Rings fashion.  Here we are all dressed up and ready to go ( on a borrowed bike).  Yes, that is really me under all of that. Should give the Alaskan bears a scare !


Anyway back to reality. We have also been doing some quiet planning on the Mexico leg. At Hubbard Foods Ltd we are fortunate to have Aaron Gazza as a Food Technologist. Aaron is from Monteray in Mexico and he kindly talked us through a route for us through Mexico taking in all the interesting bits. We had Aaron round and he  plotted a safe and interesting route through Mexico for us. The trick sems to be to avoid the Northeast and particularly the border with Mexico and Texas. We are now all fired up about visiting Mexico now and are looking forward to it. Here is the proposed route -

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  1. Dick,
    Mis amigos del Ecuador y America Latina estan listos para recibirles. Cuando va estar en el Ecuador y Bogota, Columbia?

    Eric Hertz