Sunday, 17 June 2012

chapter 6

                             CHAPTER 6

It is now down to one week before departure and final preparations are now on the way. Another trial pack has been done.  It is now definately 3 pairs of socks instead of 4!  Diana has weighed her clothing bag for the bike in at 4.7kg which me thinks is pretty impressive for 5 months. Perhaps I could put the rest of her, I won't go there!

A number of people have asked about our proposed route down through the grand old US of A. Well, that still seems a long way off at this stage but below is the tentative route from Calgary south to Los Angeles.

The aim is to incorporate as many of those iconic American National Parks as possible as we sort of zig zag down through the wider Rockies.  As we know the Americans , bless them, are very keen on and indeed pioneered the drive thru concept. It seems as much the same sort thinking has gone into National Parks so as a result you get some wonderful roads meandering right though the middle of the parks which of course is heaven on wheels for motorcycles.

So here is a list of the probable National Parks we will go through.  Ken and I have not really discussed the details of the route yet.  No doubt some may get dropped and there will be a few modifications as we meander down to the "City of Angels."

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National Parks to be visited -
                                              Glacier National Park
                                              Yellowstone National Park
                                              Grand Tetons National Park
                                              Craters of the Moon National Park
                                              Rocky Mountains National Park
                                              Mesa Verde National Park
                                              Monument Valley
                                              Canyonlands National Park
                                              Arches National Park
                                              Capitol Reef National Park
                                              Bryce Canyon National Park
                                              Zion National Park
                                              Grand Canyon National Park
                                              Death Valley National Park
                                              Yosemite National Park
                                              Joshua Tree National Park

I feel tired just looking at the list and I strongly suspect we will not get to them all. In addition we are going to try to visit the Bonneville Salt Flats to see if we can do "The worlds slowest BMW!"

Bring it on Uncle Sam!


  1. You should post the route you are going to take in Mexico soon, that is going to be the best part of your trip!

  2. D and D....mis amigos en el ecuador estan listos para recibirles.... Dejame saber cuando tu va a estar en la país.

    Eric Hertz